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  • [un]August thoughts, unharmonized

    I can imagine a day when I will learn to flick spiders away, rather than smashing them between my thumb and forefinger. I will even learn to live at peace with the sci-fi centipede creatures that dwell in this house and, occasionally, haunt my dreams.

    sock ties, independent coffee roasteries, fava beans, basmati rice, curry curry curry, goat cheese, conjugations and declensions, train tickets, a bike path, live music, Nepali church.

    waiting for an email that never comes, missing the last train out of Chicago, calling certain friends over and over, slicing vegetables in a new kitchen, visiting the same paintings every time.

    my place in the universe “scarlessly closing like water.”

    Plenty of things exist outside of my mind, including people. It’s just so much easier for me to deal with the versions of those things that only exist in my mind. Solipsism being the ultimate realization of sloth, to say nothing of greed, pride, etc.

    When we hate something fallen, it remains fallen. When we love something fallen, we love it unto redemption. This is the power of Christ in us.

    When I go into department stores downtown, I look through the clothing rack, examine the colors and patterns, run my fingers across the fabrics, take things off hangers and try them on, and then put them back and buy nothing. I am so glad that I did not do this with religion.

    By · August 23, 2009 · contemplation, Featured, Wheaton · [Print]

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    1. shifty says:

      there are parts of this (most of them) that are wondrous, especially the latter third

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