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  • Ten Lessons Learned in 2011

    (addressed to myself, in the second person)

    1. Carry half a sandwich in your pocket. You might get hungry, and others seem to find it fairly entertaining if you’ve prepared for this contingency by that means. Also, dogs will love you.

    2. If you must speak of your future, speak humbly and sparingly before God. Think and live this way about your future, too.

    3. Peppermint tea is undervalued by the world. Therefore, inviting a friend to have some will usually provide a gratifying opportunity to make them pleasantly surprised.

    4. Inviting another person into love is asking them to change you, and if you are unwilling to change, you are unwilling to love.

    5. Any sort of shirt can be worn under suspenders as long as you believe that this fact is true and can still fasten your pants once everything is tucked in. Especially Christmas sweaters.

    6. No thing, alone, is everything you need. Few things are even anything you need. But Christ is all.

    7. The King James Version is beautiful English. Reading from it aloud is a wonderful way to enjoy the Bible.

    8. It is as right to weep at sorrowful things as it is to rejoice in joyful ones. And both responses are, because they are right, life-giving.

    9. A: Ramen noodles are like a canvas, your spice rack is your palette, and you are an artist. B: You have never eaten anything that you thought had too much pepper on it. C: Season accordingly.

    10. It should no longer be difficult for you to imagine the terrible judgment of the LORD. You have felt, this year, only his discipline as a son, and you were nearly unmade. He who calls for the waters of the sea and pours them out on the surface of the earth, the LORD is his name.

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    1. I very much enjoyed this.

      (Garamond Italics is hard to miss.)

    2. Grant says:

      Loved this…

      I’ve found that one person’s life lessons are often good for everyone.

    3. shifty says:


    4. Aaron says:

      Beautiful Brother,


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