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    I don’t think of myself as simple, but it is my experience that I am far less complex than I usually think I am.

    Of all my friends, I am not the most eloquent, the most creative, the most intelligent or the most disciplined. But, apologies made, I love to speak, write, create, and think, and am precisely as pleased with my efforts at these as I am disciplined in doing them.

    I over-aspirate my w-h’s. Yogurt is a principal component of my diet. I believe that wool socks are the finest invention on earth.

    I have been a scientist, an applied linguist, and a musician. I am always a student, which means that I am always a child.

    I believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and I look for the resurrection of the dead.

    A smattering of other things which help me to define myself: coffee, books, chemistry, theology, internets, language, the music of Sufjan Stevens, Arkansas geography, poetry, my dear dear friends: I am their captain, so we joke.