Behold, He Comes

My peace I give you, peace I leave with you, my child,
not like the world gives, for I make you reconciled.
You are not orphans, no, I will come to you again
for our Father wants to live with us in His kingdom without end.

Beloved, I would not deceive you with false words
when I descend upon the clouds, it is with blessing and with curse.
I call the wind that parts the sea, that you may walk on solid ground.
I call the raging waters from their heights, and I bring them crashing down.

My Father keeps a vineyard that He works with His own hands
And He will cut the wicked off, but spare the righteous branch.
Abide in me, beloved, and I will abide in you,
I will give you life abundantly, though your sorrows be not few
For I have taken death upon myself, I have borne your sorrows, too.