When we looked at first it seemed
that the world had slipped away,
that all the angles, lines and curves
had vanished with the day.
And we were orphans, we were drifting
in a darkness like the sea,
and we were barely existing,
while nothing else was even real.

And so we sang, "We are hanging like a mist above the sea.
Into a cloud we will gather, and when we fall we shall be free."

But when we looked again, it seemed
that the dark began to cloud
like a bowl of washing water
that has caught a drop of blood.
And then we saw though first it seemed
that we'd been birthed astride a grave,
though the fall had bruised our heels,
we had landed somewhere safe.

And so we sang, "We are looking through a piece of clouded glass
for we are standing at the window of a house that will not last."
And we will sing for resurrection like the gulls that cry for sea,
And in the morning when we'll be gathered, when we rise we shall be free.